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Rental Fees, Terms and Conditions, and Application 

The viewer should note that the pages you are viewing here regarding the farm house are not linked anywhere on the main body and menu structure of my business web site.   In other words, no one can view these pages unless they are  given the specific URL location by us personally after contact by Email to Linda at   Applicants are initially screened by the content of their initial contact email with Linda.  

Caution on the web site: Once you click on any "main menu" items on the business and woodworking related menu of this web site, you will not find anyway to return to these pages without re-enter the specific URL address previously given to you by either Linda of Jeffry Lohr.   We ask that no one viewing these pages pass along this URL address without the express permission of Jeffry and Linda Lohr. 

Rental Structure Details: 

Rental Agreement #1 - Standard Rental - $1300/month -  All utilities included
Conditions of qualifications for "Standard Rental" price structure are as below: 
Tenant is responsible for shoveling their own walk way to their parking area and mail box but the driveway proper will be plowed by the owner.  Tenant may garden their own yard however they wish.  Tenants are required to mow and care for their own yard which is approximately 1/4 acre. 

Farm and Property Labor can be negotiated for rent reduction.

As our farm is a working farm there are almost always chores to be done. These include pasture mowing in the spring and summer months, weed whacking the fence line, and general farm labor.  Winter months include plowing snow, tending and servicing machinery, general building repair and maintenance.  To the point, there is nearly always something that needs doing on the farm so if you have a mind to pitch in on chores outside your own property boundary we pay $10/hour tax free that can be credited against your monthly rent.  

Horse Boarding and Equine Rental Opportunitiy. 

Rental Agreement #2 - Equestrian Rental is $1300/month + $200 per first horse + $150 for second horse. 

We have a large barn and two available box stalls.  This "Equestrian Rental" includes use of stall plus access to 10 acres of fenced pasture for grazing.  Owner is required to pay for winter hay and feed and expected to help with some basic farm & barn related chores.  Perspective horse owner applicant must be approved by Linda Lohr and the horse must integrate well within the existing herd . The pasture is all electric fence.  If horse is problematic for peaceful and successful  herd  life, the the horse will need to be stabled elsewhere and  the monthly rent can be reduced to standard $1300/month rate.  Note: Only Geldings will be considered as a board horse.   

Utilities Description

Rent includes electric, heat, hot water, gas for cooking, basic cable TV + broad band high speed Internet. 
If renter intends to install and use window Air Conditioners in summer, a $1.50 / day per unit surcharge is added to the monthly rent for each day the air conditioner is used on the honor system.    

All applicants are required to download the attached Farm House Rental Application listed below. Once downloaded, the applicant can type in the information in the fields requested and then print out and mail a hard copy to the address given below.  Click on the link below to download the PDF application: 
Those seeking to board a horse are requested to write a brief description of their animal, age, breed, temperament etc. for preview consideration by Linda Lohr.   

Mail to: 
Jeffry and Linda Lohr
242 N. Limerick Rd
Schwenksville, PA 19473

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