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Advanced Joinery 201 
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The perfect follow-on to Practical Woodworking 101  

This is a strictly invitational course offering at the Lohr School of Woodworking.

The course is limited to just 8 alumni of the Practical Woodworking course.
Tuition will be $1,250  plus an additional $212 lumber fee
for 5/4 Figured Black Cherry and 8/4 Walnut (note lumber fee already includes Sales Tax) 

Greetings to alumni of the J.D.Lohr School of Woodworking!  

Rob, Eoin and I are pleased to offer our Advanced Joinery 201 woodworking course exclusively to the Alumni of our required Practical Woodworking Course.  These advanced Joinery pages on this site are purposely not referenced in the main menu on the  www.Jefflohr.com web site so if you, the viewer, have somehow happen upon these Advanced  Joinery Course pages on this web site be advised that this Advanced.Course is only open to students who have already successfully completed the Practical Woodworking Course

We run just (4) four offerings of this Advanced Joinery Course per year and entry is gained through lottery drawing.   Alumni are encouraged to request Lottery ticket updates for the next upcoming drawing by emailing Jeffry at JDLohrWood@aol.com 

Although some of you may not know my current staff, Rob and Eoin, who have now been with me for 5 and 4 years respectively, we have run this Advanced Joinery Course quite a number of times and have it honed to a level of clockwork proficiency that rivals our entry level Practical Woodworking Course.  We are confident you will find this course the perfect follow up to your first experience here of Practical Woodworking 101.

However, unlike the entry level Practical Woods Course where the hall table project was really the by-product of the course and designed only to enable you to put into practice the important skills and techniques that were taught, our Advanced Joinery course is by contrast a project-oriented course, where constructing the project is the whole point, and ultimate goal of the course. Along the way, you젬earn how to undertake some pretty complex joinery techniques that we use day-in and day-out in the fabrication of our custom furniture. We have chosen one of my most popular custom-ordered pieces, the walnut and cherry accessory table as the course project. This piece has all the elements of design and fabrication that are specific to what I refer to as my 妩ned Arts and Crafts㴹le of furniture making. You will note from the website that this accessory table in its finished form retails at $3,450.  By attending the course, not only are you learning exactly the techniques we use to create such an exquisitely detailed piece, but you will be taking a significant piece of furniture home at the course's end at 40% of it's value, including the tuition. In addition you will be able to proudly sign your own name to the piece in place of my own. There are no short-cuts, changes or amendments to the design - this is exactly the same piece in every respect that is sold to my clients. Of course, you젨ave to finish it yourself, but we젳how you exactly what we do.

Adv_Joinery_Acc_Table_Web_Copy.jpg (94727 bytes)  Adv_Joinery_Acc_Drawer_pull_web.jpg (67075 bytes)  Adv_Joinery_Acc_Drawerpull.jpg (74498 bytes)  Adv_Joinery_Acc_Cloudlift.jpg (81873 bytes)  Adv_Joinery_Acc_Bd_Bd_End_detail.jpg (69049 bytes)

Successful completion of the Practical Woodworking 101 course is a strict pre-requisite for enrollment in this Advanced Joinery course, as we will not have time to re-cover ground from the first course. We will have a very short and quick review of safety, rough milling, stock preparation and squaring principles, but this course is geared towards picking up where we left off on the last day of your experience in your first course with us, Practical Woodworking 101. 

Please note: If you are at all ill at ease with remembering what was covered in the first Practical Woodworking course or if you have not kept in practice to apply those basic principles we carefully taught you, you are strongly and respectfully advised to consider repeating the first Practical Woodworking 101 course to bring you fully back up to speed before embarking on this next higher level course.  It should be pointed out that it is not at all unusual for Practical Woodworking students to repeat that same course as a refresher. We have had a number of alumni repeat the Practical Woodworking course anywhere from 2 to 8 years after previously completing the original course even though it remains basically the same in content as it has always been. The most frequent comment heard from all repeaters of the first course has been just how much their individual skill levels have improved as a result of completing our first level intensive a second time around.  If you check current availability, you may find a bench position still open for the first course in our current 2012 lineup.  Hey, I understand many of you don't do woodworking as often as you would have liked since completing my Practical Woodworking Course.  That said however, for goodness sake if you have not yet purchased or at least have access to your basic set of machine tools you really don't belong in this Advanced Joinery course.  If you are indeed truly interested, do yourself a huge favor and repeat the Practical Woodworking 101 course first if you think your skills may be lacking to attempt this higher level course.   Find details on how to re-enroll in PW-101 by clicking on the Lohr Woodworking School  tab on the menu at the top and/or bottom of this page if you feel you are not quite prepared to take this higher level course. That first course is a darn good course and for many it would be very appropriate to repeat it.  If you wish to repeat the Practical Woodworking Course, just view the current schedule a the Practical Woodworking Course Schedule page and request a bench in any course that is listed as OPEN by emailing me a reservation request for the specific course number that suits you at me contact JDLohrWood@aol.com 

Our Advanced Joinery Course Syllabus
Please take the time to study the full details of our carefully planned Advanced Joinery course syllabus by  clicking here 

Tuition and Lumber Fees 
This Advanced Joinery course will be limited to just 8 students per class and run for 6 consecutive days running 8 hours/day with additional evening assignments on at least one night of the course.  Basic tuition will be $1,250 for the course + $212 (including tax) additional lumber fee. As we will be using high-end hardwood in the course, this additional lumber fee is to cover the cost of the finest quality Black Cherry and Walnut that is needed to produce this unique and extraordinary piece.  For complete details regarding lumber fees click here. 

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