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About me and the history of Lohr Woodworking 


ABOUT JEFFRY LOHR  I am pretty much the product of an exceptional high school woodshop program of the 1960's and a strong blue color work ethic.   Added to this is a B.S. in Industrial Arts in 1976  from Millersville State College followed by postgraduate study in fine art at West Chester State.  The raw material of what I am made of  is an irrepressible drive to engage myself in creative activities.  I am very much a "jack of all trades" and find an interest in a wide variety of materials and processes.  However, I believe myself to only be a master of one trade and that is woodworking.   Holding all of this together is the true mortar of my life, my wife Linda, who has enabled me and encouraged my endeavors every step of the way.    

If you want more information about how I perceive my work and what I am attempting to do with it, then please check out my Artist's Statement page.   

You may also check out the five Regional & National Awards I've received for my work and some other info about my school, the Saturday Workshop Series.  




Rob Spiece is currently one of two assistants  here at Lohr Woodworking.  He was awarded an apprenticeship in June 2006 and has grown into a fine maker and teacher in his own right.  

Rob graduated with a degree in film at Temple University in 2004.  I originally took Rob on for his film and video credentials to help on plans I have for that but I have been truly amazed at how quickly he has taken to the craft.  

Rob takes as naturally to woodworking as anyone I have had the honor to train over the course of  my own career.   I am hopeful Rob will be the long term fellow here at Lohr Woodworking and have no reservation in titling him as  Journeyman Cabinetmaker effective 2009.   In addition to his woodworking training, Rob has been teaching me quite a few things about film which is exciting for both of us.  

Very pleased to have you here Rob.   Jeffry Lohr

All are encouraged to visit Rob's Personal Woodworking Web site at:

Click here to visit Rob Spiece's Personal Pages on the Lohr Woodworking Site 

 Lohr Studio's Irish Woodworker, Eoin O'Neill 



Eoin O'Neill  comes by way of England to America and is the latest addition to our staff.  

Eoin was a significantly accomplished guitar maker  before joining the program here at the studio in Schwenksville in mid 2007.   His interests now more diversified to include furniture, Eoin is a welcome addition to the general studio and school program here at Lohr Woodworking.  

I believe it no doubt stems from his guitar building background and experience, but one thing all in the studio can count on is that work given to Eoin is executed as well as it can be and to the finest tolerance with minimal guidance from me, Jeffry.   

I am pleased to be able to wok with a contemporary in the studio.  Welcome to the workshop Eoin.  



Click here to visit Eoin's Personal Pages

About the apprentice program at Lohr Woodworking

  It has been my pleasure to have 15 apprentices over the last 19 years.  All apprentice positions have been fully paid and fully insured positions.  There have been an equal mix of both part time and full time positions offered over the years. Rob works for me full time and is has free use of my studio in off hours and weekends.  Kristen works two days a week and on an as needed basis for another woodworker.    


 Below is an aerial view of my workshop & farm.    

      Today, the physical plant of my studio is a dream space to work and create my furniture designs.  This was not always the case as I started my furniture making career over 30 years ago out of an unheated 10' x 18' rented garage while I was still in a small rowhome in town.  

My studio building

      My wife and I bought our farm in 1985.  My first workshop on the farm was built up in the old barn you see in the lower left of the aerial photo further up this page.   As I became more successful, I was able to build my dream studio you see above by working incredibly hard on nights and weekends for six years.  This structure I built myself out of 60% salvaged materials and the generous help of some close friends.  (You can take a virtual tour of the inside of my studio by clicking on the Lohr Woodworking School and enlarging the thumbnails on that page.) 



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